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Fresh produces at your doorstep

Approximately 160 hectares of the Parklands has been set aside for urban farming. The farms are located in Horsley Park, adjacent to the M7 Motorway and The Horsley Drive.

We currently have 68 hectares of active urban farms. This land was farmed many years ago but remained vacant until we activated it again. The soil is good quality and farming has been very successful.

As well as encouraging produce to be grown in the Sydney basin and activating the unused space, our urban farms provide the Parklands with a small profit from leases, which we invested in public spaces.

Some farmers are already selling their produce at road side stalls. Looking ahead, our vision is for a farm gate trail, allowing locals and visitors to buy fresh produce directly from growers. People will be able to cycle or stroll to market gardens once we’ve installed the network of paths we’re planning.

Partnering with Fairfield City Council, we’re doing preparation work in the urban farming precinct to allow for new walking and cycling tracks. The new tracks will be adjacent to roads that connect into the existing Parklands walking and cycling network and the M7 shared path.

The farm gate trail is still a way off, but we are committed to it in our Urban Farming Master Plan which also describes our vision for:  

  • Delivering more than 15 farming lots ranging in size from 5 to 31 hectares.
  • Providing glasshouses, poly/greenhouses, market gardens, orchards and grove farming enterprises.
  • Creating a tourism destination of our urban farms and farm trail gate.

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