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Rules for riding at Wylde

  • All bikes must be washed down before and after riding the trail to stop the spread of weeds and soil diseases.
  • The trail is for mountain bikes only.
  • Wearing a helmet that meet Australian Standards (check the sticker on yours to make sure it complies) is mandatory in NSW and protective gear is highly recommended at Wylde.
  • Enter the trail at the beginning – never start at any other point – and always follow these signs and trail markers.
  • All trails run in an anti-clockwise direction. Don't skid, cut corners or make new lines.
  • Keep moving. Never stop on the trail. Pull off the trail if you need to stop.
  • Do not ride or sit on the tops of berms/turns and don’t slide down them.
  • Mountain bike riding is dangerous – all riders use Wylde at their own risk.
  • Please respect each other, take care of each other and follow the safety rules. Read the Wylde code of conduct before you ride.

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