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Stay informed about changes to Western Sydney Parklands ahead of the upcoming M12 Motorway project.

Roads and Maritime is planning the M12 Motorway as part of the $4.1 billion Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan on behalf of the Australian and NSW Governments.

The new motorway will provide direct access to the Western Sydney International Airport at Badgerys Creek and connect to Sydney’s motorway network.

A portion of the Parklands adjacent to Elizabeth Drive will be used to construct the M12 Motorway. This will impact access to areas south of the proposed M12 Motorway during the construction and will also change access arrangements post construction.

The Western Sydney Parklands facilities that will be impacted by the construction of the M12 Motorway are the Sydney International Shooting Centre, which will have a new access road constructed off Range Road; and the Wylde Mountain Bike Trail (MTB), which has been redesigned along with a new BMX Track and will be partially relocated to an area immediately adjacent to the existing trail within the Parklands. 

View the new trail designs here. 

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