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Sydney Dragway

Australia’s premier drag racing venue.

Sydney Dragway is Australia’s premier drag racing venue and one of the best in the world.

Hosting weekly off-street events every Wednesday - catering for every type of streetcar no matter how fast it is - Aeroflow Race 4 Real gives everyone the opportunity to taste the action on the Sydney Dragway Quarter Mile.

With events such as the 400 Thunder Professional Series visiting 3 times each year, the Dragway gives fans the opportunity to see cars racing at over 500 Kilometres per hour side by side – and then watch the mechanical symphony as the crews completely disassemble and rebuild the cars with mind-boggling speed and finesse.

With over 150 events scheduled each year, memories are made at Sydney Dragway!

Opening hours: visit sydneydragway.com.au for more information.

Facebook: @sydneydragway

Instagram: @sydneydragway


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