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Local Hero: Skye Blackburn - The Edible Bug Shop

Skye Blackburn is Western Sydney's Bug Lady!

She's actually an entomologist (that means an "insect expert") and a food scientist with a passion for sustainable food practices.

Australia’s first ‘farmer’ of edible insects, Skye is now an expert on farming techniques, developing products suitable for Western diets. Through cooking demonstrations, media appearances and collaborations, she’s always raising awareness about the benefits of farming insects as a food source. She opened her Edible Bug Shop in 2007. 

Combining food science and entomology may have seemed strange at first but her knowledge from each profession has seen Skye release a range of insect products that are safe to eat and taste great. Really.

Skye knows there’s a lot of misconceptions out there about eating bugs and she aims to convince people that they are a sustainable, planet-friendly alternative protein source you can turn to often.

Once you get over the initial ‘yuck’ factor, properly prepared bugs are very tasty and are also good for you, Skye says.

Meet Skye at Parklands Food Fest and find out all you ever needed to know about this fascinating super food!


Website www.ediblebugshop.com.au

Facebook @butterflyskyesbugshop

Twitter @bugshop1

Instagram @bugshop




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