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The Abbotsbury Precinct, in the centre of the Parklands, takes in Lizard LogThe DairyCalmsley Hill City Farm and Plough and Harrow

A new walking and cycling track to connect Calmsley Hill City Farm and Plough and Harrow East was first identified in the Western Sydney Parklands Plan of Management in 2010. This link is the final section of track to be delivered within this part of the Parklands to provide the much-needed continual walking and cycling connection from Lizard Log to Plough and Harrow via The Dairy.


The project was first initiated in 2015 when Western Sydney Parklands Trust (WSPT) prepared a Landscape and Linking Plan for the Abbotsbury Precinct. With funding now available to deliver this missing link, the project has recently been restarted.

During community consultation undertaken during 2015 and 2021, there was general support from the community for the new track. There were also concerns raised from residents directly adjacent to the Parklands around potential anti-social behaviour, privacy considerations, and potential noise impacts to their properties.

WSPT addressed these concerns in the latest concept design by proposing a revised alignment which provides a greater buffer space to these adjacent residential properties, and incorporates landscaping treatments including new tree planting, signage and fencing.

About the new track

  • 1.5 kilometre track for pedestrians and cyclists connecting Calmsley Hill City Farm with Plough and Harrow East designed to take advantage of the great natural views across Western Sydney Parklands to Sydney CBD
  • Extensive planting of native trees, shrubs and grasses
  • The track will be fenced on either side where it passes through Calmsley Hill City Farm
  • The track is delivering on a key management priority for the Abbotsbury Precinct outlined in the Western Sydney Parklands Plan of Management 2030

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Map of proposed Abbotsbury track - Download the map 

Concept plans 

Download the landscape concept plans of the proposed Abbotsbury track

Project update

Through late 2021 and early 2022, WSPT has worked with its technical consultant team to conduct detailed site studies for the proposed track alignment. These studies look at the surrounding heritage and ecology in detail, and also the broader stormwater and environmental management in the Parklands.

WSPT will finalise the track design when these studies are complete. Due to delays with COVID-19 and the prolonged wet weather making it difficult to complete site investigations, we are looking to finalise the track design towards the end of 2022 with construction to commence in 2023. We will share the final design with the community prior to construction.

In the meantime some minor construction works relating to dam management at Calmsley Hill City Farm have been completed.

Project stages

>  Strategic planning and consultation 
Detailed design - We are here
>  Community update session 
>  Construction


If you have any questions about this new proposed track please email the Abbotsbury Track Project team at Western Sydney Parklands Trust. 

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