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Commercial events

The Parklands has much to offer as a location for commercial event producers, with different spaces that can be tailored to suit specific requirements and two locations –  Lizard Log Pavilion and Amphitheatre and The Dairy  – that are perfect for large scale events.

To discuss your event proposal, contact the events team by emailing events@gsp.nsw.gov.au or call them on (02) 9895 7500.


Events – step by step

To hold a large scale commercial event at the Parklands, follow these steps:

  1. Review event locations
  2. View our Fees and Charges.
  3. Complete an Event Application Form (click here for minor events) and email to events@gsp.nsw.gov.au

Please submit your proposal no less than 12 weeks in advance for large events (generally more than 1,000 people) or 6 weeks ahead of small events (fewer than 1,000 people).

For a complete guide to holding events in the Parklands, see our Event organiser’s toolkit.

To find out more about the approvals process, go to Next steps.

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