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Rules for riding at Wylde

  • Before you head out for your ride, check out our notification page. Here you can find out if the track is open, if there's any current or schedule work on the tracks.
  • All bikes must be washed down before and after riding the trail to stop the spread of weeds and soil diseases.
  • The trail is for mountain bikes only.
  • Wearing a helmet that meet Australian Standards (check the sticker on yours to make sure it complies) is mandatory in NSW and protective gear is highly recommended at Wylde.
  • Enter the trail at the beginning – never start at any other point – and always follow these signs and trail markers.
  •  Don't skid, cut corners or make new lines. Keep to the left on two way linking trails and follow signs and trail markers.
  • Keep moving. Never stop on the trail. Pull off the trail if you need to stop.
  • Do not ride or sit on the tops of berms/turns and don’t slide down them.
  • Mountain bike riding is dangerous – all riders use Wylde at their own risk.
  • Please respect each other, take care of each other and follow the safety rules. Read the Wylde code of conduct before you ride.

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