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A walk in our Parklands at Blacktown Hospital

Published: 14 June 2019 at 12:00 am

Our Parklnds at Blacktown Hospital

We’re proud to have been able to donate images of the Parklands to the Blacktown & Mount Druitt Hospitals Expansion Project.

We chose several of our most stunning and tranquil photographs, to showcase the natural beauty and serene qualities of our Parklands.


The images will be positioned in the ‘transport corridors’ of Blacktown Hospital. These are the routes staff use to move patients between theatres, wards and imaging departments. Seeing the beautiful photos will help the patients relax and take their minds of the stress they may be feeling.

The expansion project is bringing arts, culture and heritage elements to each hospital because there are proven benefits to patients, staff and visitors. Paintings and sculptures by Australian and international artists are already in place and now the focus is on photography and textiles and the outdoor spaces, where gardens and terraces will be designed and installed. 

The photographs we donated were captured by Sylvia Li, Simon Wood and Brett Hemmings. 

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