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Western Sydney Parklands – Lizard Log entrance upgrade

Published: 2 May 2018 at 12:00 am

Access Lizard Log

Western Sydney Parklands is making some access improvements to its award-winning Lizard Log recreation area in Abbotsbury.

Work has begun on a new entranceway, which will be open for Western Sydney Parklands’ flagship event, Food Fest, on Sunday, 8 September. The first stage of work will involve preparing the temporary entrance.

Lizard Log will remain open right across this period, with entry via a temporary entrance on Cowpasture Rd, about 220 metres south of the main entrance.

Existing shelter bookings are unaffected by the work and Western Sydney Parklands Trust continues to take future bookings for Lizard Log on its website, or by telephone on 02 9895 7500.

About the work

An upgraded visitor entrance road will feature a bus stop, which will bring visitors right into park. (This is the first time a bus stop has been situated inside the boundaries of one of Western Sydney Parklands’ recreation area and will be of particular benefit for visitors with restricted mobility who come to Lizard Log by public transport.)

Visitors will use a temporary entrance, located on Cowpasture Rd, around 220 metres south of the existing entrance on The Horsley Drive.

How to use the temporary entrance (See map above)

It’s easy. Visitors approaching Lizard Log from the south along Cowpasture Rd can simply turn left into the temporary entrance. However, visitors approaching the Park from the north and east cannot turn right into the temporary entrance. They will need to continue along Cowpasture Rd to the roundabout intersection with Restwell Rd, and turn back around to approach the temporary entrance from the south.

There will be signs in place on all approaches to direct visitors to the temporary entrance.

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