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Asbestos contamination in garden beds at Sydney Dragway

Published: 8 March 2024 at 4:02 pm

Following reports of asbestos contamination in recycled mulch at other project sites, Sydney Metro have initiated a review into the Sydney Speedway and Sydney Dragway sites. 

As part of this review, testing for asbestos has been conducted at recently landscaped areas at and around both sites. Initial testing results from the samples collected have identified small quantities of bonded asbestos fragments at the Sydney Dragway site. Bonded asbestos is considered by NSW Health to be low risk if in good condition, compared to friable asbestos. Affected areas are fenced off and sign-posted and are not accessible to the public.  

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has been notified and Greater Sydney Parklands, Sydney Metro and its contractors are providing any assistance and information required.

We are currently working with the EPA and contractors regarding the safe removal of the affected mulch, which will start as soon as possible. 

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