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  • Skyline Drive-In

    A perfect night under the stars.  Skyline Drive-In Blacktown is set to light up the skies with a great mix of new releases and nostalgic hits, so dust off your onesie and get ready for your new favourite date! Read more

  • Parklands notices


    Parklands closed Saturday 21 December due to Catastrophic Fire Danger forecast Read more

  • 4 ways to restore your love for winter in Western Sydney Parklands

    If you need some extra inspiration to get off the couch (and off your phone) and into the great outdoors during the cooler months – here’s our top... Read more

  • Western Sydney Parklands Design Manual

    The Western Sydney Parklands Design Manual is a guideline to the planning and implementation of park infrastructure within Western Sydney Parklands. The manual outlines standard design elements which will... Read more

  • Eat and drink

    While the Parklands is perfect for DIY picnics and barbecues, it also offers everything from a sit-down meal to a quick coffee or soft-serve ice-cream to go. You... Read more

  • Filming and photography

    The Parklands offers visitors a serene backdrop of natural bushland. With expansive views of Western Sydney and the City skyline, the Parklands is an ideal location for filming... Read more

  • Celebrity chefs

    Matt MoranWith a career spanning over 30 years in the Australian food industry, Matt Moran has a plethora of awards to his name, TV shows, best-selling cookbooks and... Read more

  • Commercial events

    The Parklands has much to offer as a location for commercial event producers, with different spaces that can be tailored to suit specific requirements and two locations –... Read more

  • More shelters for hire

    New shelters for hire In response to visitor feedback, we are increasing the number of hireable shelters at Plough & Harrow East, Plough & Harrow West and Lizard Log. From... Read more

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